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Whatever your need can be we got you covered. We carry 4 sectional pollen catching grinder such as SharpStone, Chromium Crusher and medical grade grinder with one lock system MedTech. If you’re on the go or like to be low-key we also have a variety of Vape-Pens Name brand such as Atmos and Grenco products as well as the generics. Also carry Dual burner globes, Titanium Coil burner and the New-tech burner (heats up 6X faster) for better flavor and less burny taste. Also carry Dime Bags, padded bags dug-outs, scales, E-nails, Torches (including Newport for $45), butane, Detox, glass jars, stash jars, papers and blunts. We also carry a large variety of Food grade and Medical grade silicone, we carry Oil Slick pads and ball jars, Budder Blocks (medical grade), Sky High jars and generic pads and jars.


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