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It’s the preferred way to smoke concentrate (Colorado residents 21yrs+/ MMJ Patients). All rigs come with a glass nail and a dome no u- selling at this shop!! Our rigs start at $30 and go up to the Heady category price range. We have Frit, Turbine, Honeycombs and Barrels as well as some colorful and playful rigs. Nectar collectors are also in water function and non-water function ones as well as kits that include titanium tips and a glass dish

Available attachments to turn your Tube into a rig that we also carry are Elbows (45 degree and 90 degree), Reclaim catchers (45 degree and 90 degree), 14mm and 18mm Joints, Domes (10, 14 and 18mm)

GOES UNDER ACCESSORIES ALSO:Carry all size nails in all types have regular glass and quartz nails, Domeless Quartz (14 & 18mm), Domeless Ceramic (10, 14,18mm), Adjustable for M and F Ceramic 14-18mm, Regular and Domeless Ti Nails (10,14 & 18mm), Adjustable Titanium Nails (10,14 and 18mm) AND
Highly Educated Titanium 10, 14 and 18mm domeless nails as well as 10, and 14-18mm carb caps


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